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Scaffolding Tube

Here at Total Scaffolding Supplies we carry a large amount of galvanized scaffolding tube in various pre-cut lengths from 5ft -21ft. Our fully galvanised scaffold tube conforms to BS EN39:2001*. Outside diameter 48.3mm with a wall thickness of 4mm.  

Total Scaffolding Supplies are a major importer of Scaffolding Tube so we can offer competitively low prices to all our clients.


Galvanized Scaffold Tube

Our fully galvanised scaffold tube conforms to BS EN39:2001*.  It comes in the following lengths: 21' - 16' - 13' - 10' - 8' - 6' and 5'. Outside diameter 48.3mm with a wall thickness of 4mm. 

Length and Weight:

6.4m (21′) – 27.93kg
4.8m (16′) – 21.28kg
3.9m (13′) – 17.29kg
3.0m (10′) – 13.30kg
2.4m (8′) – 10.64kg
1.8m (6′) – 7.98kg
1.5m (5′) – 6.65kg



High Yield scaffold tube

(wall thickness of 3.2mm). 

1.5m (5')  6.5kg    
1.8m (6')  7.9kg    
2.4m (8')  10.5kg    
3.0m (10')  13.1kg    
3.9m (13')  17.0kg    
4.8m (16')  20.9kg    
6.4m (21')  27.9kg    



Aluminium Scaffold Tube

Our aluminium scaffold tube conforms with BS1139*.  It’s available in 6m (20’) lengths.  Outside diameter 48.3mm O.D* tube.


6.0m (20')  9.9kg    


Testing and Complience 

Scaffold Tube and it's associated products offer compliance with the following:Galvanised Scaffold Tube -

Manufactured to EN39:2001*

standardAluminium Scaffold Tube - Conforms to BS1139**BS -

British Standard*O.D - Outside Diameter*EN - European Standard