Total Staircase System

If you need access to exterior workplaces at height, then TOTAL Stair System Tower is an easy solution. It's designed to work with Traditional Scaffolding & most other system types of scaffolding. The TOTAL Stair System Tower Is strong, safe, easy to handle, and quick to erect. The TOTAL Stair System Tower gives safe and easy access to workplaces. It can be built as a separate system (if tied in) or integrated into other scaffolding or direct to the building. Constructed from prefabricated, galvanised steel components, the Stair Tower is designed to meet current Working at Height safety standards, with a detailed erection guide incorporating tying points and safety notes. The TOTAL Stair System Tower is manufactured to an extremely high standard, with a highest load capacity of 70+ persons. The TOTAL Stair System Tower has a fully detailed erection guide incorporating a component recognition of tying points and safety notes. Using the 1.0M, 1.5M & 2.0M stairflights the Stair Tower can follow progressive scaffolding or full access on refurbished or commercial applications. Improves effective movement of workforce thus reducing downtime. Easily erected by competent persons.

It has a base size of 3.0m by 1.6m, and with stair units in 1m, 1.5m and 2m, is fully adaptable to all height level requirements.