Opting for the first Scaffolding Hire Company you find online could spell disaster. Before entrusting any business with your custom it is important to do your research but this is particularly relevant when it comes to finding a reputable Scaffolding Supplies company, as there are number of health and safety regulations that they need to adhere to. 

Here’s our Top Tips to help you choose… 

Safety first.
When working at height, it is of paramount importance that the equipment you use has been safety tested to comply with all relevant British or European Standards. For large commercial buildings a full risk assessment might be necessary before any work can be carried out. For residential use special permits aren’t usually required but the company you select should still posses appropriate accreditations. 

Hiring the right structure for the job. 
Believe it or not scaffolding structures come in many forms and may require specialist professionals to erect the structure. It is therefore important that you hire the equipment from a company who are highly trained and knowledgeable about all the products they stock so they can provide comprehensive advice, assistance and technical data on all items. 

Check the credentials.
Before signing on the dotted line check that the Scaffolding Hire company that you are using carries all the relevant credentials. All UK scaffolding companies must be registered with the relevant bodies and their staff should be professionally trained to meet industry standards. 

Should the company have insurance? 
All Scaffolding Hire companies should have valid employer liability insurance as well as public liability insurance. This should then cover you if anyone was injured during the time you’re hiring the scaffolding supplies or if any damage is caused to the building you are working on.