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Fast software track roll-out delivers full end to end business solution.

Total Scaffolding Supplies, a single depot scaffold and related equipment, hire & sales business currently operates from Havant with expansion plans firmly set in its crosshairs.

 Managing Director Hayley Austin reviewed ConnectIT Software in April 2016, and decided the time was right to install, and go live on June 1 to coincide with the start of the company’s new financial year.

 To ensure the target live date was achieved as planned, back-to-back implementation days – during the course of a working week - were provided on-site. “To take this approach was a huge commitment on the part of the customer.” Comments David Kennelly – Manging Director of ConnectIT Software.

 Hayley Austin adds “Once we got going with the ConnectIT team, it became certain that we would collectively achieve ‘go-live’ by the end of the working week. The other advantage we had, is that the software by design closely matched our operational requirements.”

 The ConnectIT software is supporting Total Scaffolding Supplies’  Hire & Sale operations covering stock control, hire and sales order management & invoicing, as well as all back office financial accounting needs of the business. 

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Impact Wrenches Statement

22/01/2016 20:49

Further to a previous statement made by the NASC in 2012, the confederation has received an increasing number of enquiries regarding its stance on the use of impact wrenches during erection/dismantling and alterations to scaffolding.

In order to provide clarity and advice for members and other users of impact wrenches, the NASC has recently completed some testing. A wide range of drop forged couplers from different suppliers in various conditions (new, used, lubricated and unlubricated) were tightened using two popular types of impact wrenches as well as a traditional scaffolding spanner. In excess of 60 tests were completed.

The subsequent results data indicated that there were no concerns or adverse effects in respect of any of the tests carried out (for both impact wrenches and traditional scaffold spanner). It is therefore the view of the confederation that the use of impact wrenches during erection/dismantling and alterations to scaffolding is acceptable. However there are several important recommendations which should be considered by the employer prior to authorising the use of impact wrenches by employees:

  • The recommended force required to tighten a fitting is 50 N/mtr as stated in EN 74. Most wrenches have stated torque settings (N/mtr) in excess of this recommended figure. However during testing it was noted that settings published by the manufacturer can differ greatly from what is actually achieved. It is therefore recommended that any employer considering authorising the use of impact wrenches carries out testing to establish that the impact wrench which they intend to authorise for use by their employees is capable of applying the correct torque to scaffold fittings on a consistent and recurring basis. Further to completion of an adequate risk assessment by the employer the impact wrench may then be deemed fit for purpose for erection/dismantling and alterations to scaffolding by their employees.
  • It is recommended that prior to use of an impact wrench on site the employee should first undergo a suitable period of training, familiarisation and monitoring, to ensure that the impact wrench is being used in the correct manner at all times.
  • The NASC recognises that impact wrenches can offer certain benefits. However members and users of such equipment should be aware that there is potential for concern regarding use and operation. Employers should adequately assess the risk for their own particular situation and ensure that they put in place protocols to cover safe use. It is recommended that any assessment should also address noise and hand/arm vibration.
  • In addition to the initial training and familiarisation phases, it is recommended that employers should carry out regular toolbox talks refreshing operatives with company policy and rules for the safe use of impact wrenches.
  • In the event that a nut is stripped off the ‘T’ bolt it is recommended that the fitting should be returned to the employer’s yard where a new replacement ensemble (‘T’ bolt, nut & washer) can be fitted by the company’s maintenance team.
  • Impact wrenches are normally supplied with rechargeable lithium batteries that provide a more stable power pack. However the confederation recommends that all users follow manufacturer’s instructions and that battery life should be monitored.
  • This statement only applies to drop forged scaffold fittings. The NASC does not recommend the use of impact wrenches with ‘pressed’ type scaffold fittings.

The NASC has developed a basic Tool Box Talk which members and other users of impact wrenches may find useful.
The NASC will continue to monitor the situation and will issue further information if required.

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Opting for the first Scaffolding Hire Company you find online could spell disaster. Before entrusting any business with your custom it is important to do your research but this is particularly relevant when it comes to finding a reputable Scaffolding Supplies company, as there are number of health and safety regulations that they need to adhere to.

Here’s our Top Tips to help you choose…

Safety first.
When working at height, it is of paramount importance that the equipment you use has been safety tested to comply with all relevant British or European Standards. For large commercial buildings a full risk assessment might be necessary before any work can be carried out. For residential use special permits aren’t usually required but the company you select should still posses appropriate accreditations.

Hiring the right structure for the job.
Believe it or not scaffolding structures come in many forms and may require specialist professionals to erect the structure. It is therefore important that you hire the equipment from a company who are highly trained and knowledgeable about all the products they stock so they can provide comprehensive advice, assistance and technical data on all items.

Check the credentials.
Before signing on the dotted line check that the Scaffolding Hire company that you are using carries all the relevant credentials. All UK scaffolding companies must be registered with the relevant bodies and their staff should be professionally trained to meet industry standards.

Should the company have insurance?
All Scaffolding Hire companies should have valid employer liability insurance as well as public liability insurance. This should then cover you if anyone was injured during the time you’re hiring the scaffolding supplies or if any damage is caused to the building you are working on.

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New Scaffold Tube £0.72 FT

New 13FT BSI Scaffold Boards £8.00+vat

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NEW Scaffolders Brushless motor Mikita Impact Wrench £305.00 + vat

Scaffolders Brushless motor Mikita Impact Wrench

The Makita DTW281RME Cordless Impact Wrench is an advanced version of the DTW251. It features BLDC motor (BrushLess DC motor) for a more compact body and higher power.


  • Electronic 3-stage impact power selection to reduce fault tightening
  • Battery fuel gauge 
  • Variable speed control by trigger 
  • LED Job light with pre-glow and afterglow functions 
  • Forward/reverse rotation 
  • Electric brake 
  • Ergonomic soft grip Compact overall length 

Kit includes:

  • Impact Wrench 
  • 2 3ah batteries 
  • 1 charger 
  • 1 Makita pouch 
  • 1 21mm socket
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For carrying out night work on construction sites its important that construction workers have access to the best quality lighting systems to enable them to continue their work efficiently. To meet this requirement we now offer LED Flashing Scaffold Lamps at highly competitive prices. These heavy duty, virtually indestructible lights are manufactured to last longer. They flash light when darkness falls and are programmed to switch off automatically when exposed to daylight. The LED Flashing Scaffold Lamps we stock are extremely durable and easy to use meaning builders who want to ensure continuous work productivity through the night can trust in these lamps. All products supplied by us comply with all relevant European Safety Standards. As well as selling LED Flashing Scaffold Lamps we also provide, scaffolding tube, scaffolding boards, scaffolding products for hire and solutions for equipment, maintenance and storage.Read More
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Scaffold Checklist

03/08/2015 13:02

This guide* is intended to clarify when a scaffold design is required and what level of training and competence those erecting, dismantling, altering, inspecting and supervising scaffolding operations are expected to have. Scaffold Design It is a requirement of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 that unless a scaffold is assembled to a generally recognised standard configuration, eg NASC Technical Guidance TG20 for tube and fitting scaffolds or similar guidance from manufacturers of system scaffolds, the scaffold should be designed by bespoke calculation, by a competent person, to ensure it will have adequate strength, rigidity and stability while it is erected, used and dismantled. At the start of the planning process, the user should supply relevant information to the scaffold contractor to ensure an accurate and proper design process is followed. Typically this information should include: Site location Period of time the scaffold is required to be in place Intended use Height and length and any critical dimensions which may affect the scaffold Number of boarded lift Maximum working loads to be imposed and maximum number of people using the scaffold at any one time Type of access onto the scaffold e.g staircase, ladder bay, external ladders Whether there is a requirement for sheeting, netting or brickguards Any specific requirements or provisions e.g pedestrian walkway, restriction on tie locations, inclusion/provision for mechanical handling plant Nature of the ground conditions or supporting structure Information on the structure/building the scaffold will be erected against together with any relevant dimensions and drawings Any restrictions that may affect the erection, alteration or dismantling process * Source: http://www.hse.gov.uk/construction/safetytopics/scaffoldinginfo.htmRead More
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Scaffolding tubes are staging structures required to support working platforms that are being used whilst constructing or repairing a building. It is a mandatory requirement for builders to set up a scaffolding structure when working on buildings above a certain height to ensure their safety as well as make it easier to work their way around the building.

We supply a range of scaffolding tubes made of galvanised steel, high yield steel and aluminium measuring from 5ft up to 21ft. All our scaffolding supplies are available to purchase or hire. 

We have a team of highly trained and knowledgeable staff available to offer technical advice about all the products we supply.   

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As a trusted industry supplier of scaffolding equipment and scaffolding tube, we now offer Strongboy Hire at only £3.75 per week.

Our Strongboy system can bear a maximum loading strength of 340kg and can perform work on a maximum height of 3m and is functional up to a maximum spacing of 900mm. It offers an easy and safe temporary support solution to any building project and its robust dynamics ensure it offers optimum safety. It complies with relevant British and European Standards and our team of fully trained and knowledgeable staff can provide assistance and technical data & support on this and all our products.

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14/07/2015 09:42


Welcome to the Total Scaffolding Supplies Blog. Here you will find out about industry news, Special Offers and all the latest Total Scaffolding Supplies news.

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